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Mark Allen Davis

Associate Research Scientist, Conservation Biology

Additional Campus Affiliations

Associate Research Scientist, Conservation Biology, Illinois Natural History Survey
Research Assistant Professor, Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences

Recent Publications

Booth, W., Levine, B. A., Corush, J. B., Davis, M. A., Dwyer, Q., De Plecker, R., & Schuett, G. W. (2023). Discovery of facultative parthenogenesis in a new world crocodile. Biology Letters, 19(6), Article 20230129.

Gaulke, S. M., Cable, A. B., Hohoff, T. C., Rogness, B. A., & Davis, M. A. (2023). One model to rule them all: identifying priority bat habitats from multi-species habitat suitability models. Journal of Wildlife Management, 87(2), Article e22351.

Gaulke, S. M., Hohoff, T., Rogness, B. A., & Davis, M. A. (2023). Sampling methodology influences habitat suitability modeling for chiropteran species. Ecology and Evolution, 13(6), Article e10161.

Harper, L. R., Niemiller, M. L., Benito, J. B., Paddock, L. E., Knittle, E., Molano-Flores, B., & Davis, M. A. (2023). BeeDNA: Microfluidic environmental DNA metabarcoding as a tool for connecting plant and pollinator communities. Environmental DNA, 5(1), 191-211.

Johnson, M. D., Freeland, J. R., Parducci, L., Evans, D. M., Meyer, R. S., Molano-Flores, B., & Davis, M. A. (2023). Environmental DNA as an emerging tool in botanical research. American journal of botany, 110(2), Article e16120.

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