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Dominic Evangelista

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Contact Information

465 Morrill Hall
505 S. Goodwin Ave.
Urbana, IL 61801
Assistant Professor

Additional Campus Affiliations

Assistant Professor, Entomology

Recent Publications

Evangelista, D. A. (2024). Insects, 60% of All Biodiversity. In Encyclopedia of Biodiversity, Third Edition: Volume 1-7 (pp. V2-504-V2-516). Elsevier.

Evangelista, D. A., Nelson, D., Varadínová, Z. K., & Legendre, F. (2023). Phylogenomics and deep convergence in cockroach hind-wing morphology. Organisms Diversity and Evolution, 23(4), 929-940.

Wipfler, B., Triesch, F., Evangelista, D., & Weihmann, T. (2022). Morphological, functional, and phylogenetic aspects of the head capsule of the cockroach Ergaula capucina (Insecta/Blattodea). PeerJ, 10, Article e12470.

Evangelista, D., Simon, S., Wilson, M. M., Kawahara, A. Y., Kohli, M. K., Ware, J. L., Wipfler, B., Béthoux, O., Grandcolas, P., & Legendre, F. (2021). Assessing support for Blaberoidea phylogeny suggests optimal locus quality. Systematic Entomology, 46(1), 157-171.

Evangelista, D. A. (2020). Frances Ann McKittrick: Revolutionary Studies of Cockroaches. American Entomologist, 66(1), 32-36.

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