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Jessica Conroy

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Contact Information

3042 Natural History Building

Research Areas

Associate Professor

Research Interests

paleoclimate variability on interannual to millennial timescales, paleolimnology, stable isotope hydrology, stable isotope geochemistry


Ph.D. 2011, University of Arizona
M.S., 2006, University of Arizona
B.A., 2003, College of Wooster

Awards and Honors

2019 NSF CAREER award
2017 Kavli Frontiers of Science Fellow, National Academy of Sciences
2015, 2017, 2018 List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent
2013 Arnold O. Beckman Award, UIUC Campus Research Board
2013 Selected participant, DISCCRS VIII (DISsertations initiative for the advancement of Climate Change ReSearch)

Additional Campus Affiliations

Associate Professor, Earth Science and Environmental Change
Associate Professor, Plant Biology

Recent Publications

Chen, M., Conroy, J. L., Sanford, R. A., Wyman-Feravich, D. A., Chee-Sanford, J. C., & Connor, L. M. (2023). Tropical lacustrine sediment microbial community response to an extreme El Niño event. Scientific reports, 13(1), Article 6868.

Conroy, J. L., Murray, N. K., Patterson, G. S., Schore, A. I. G., Ikuru, I., Cole, J. E., Chillagana, D., & Echeverria, F. (2023). Equatorial Undercurrent Influence on Surface Seawater δ18O Values in the Galápagos. Geophysical Research Letters, 50(4), Article e2022GL102074.

Dee, S. G., Bailey, A., Conroy, J. L., Atwood, A., Stevenson, S., Nusbaumer, J., & Noone, D. (2023). Water isotopes, climate variability, and the hydrological cycle: recent advances and new frontiers. Environmental Research: Climate. Advance online publication.

Konecky, B. L., McKay, N. P., Falster, G. M., Stevenson, S. L., Fischer, M. J., Atwood, A. R., Thompson, D. M., Jones, M. D., Tyler, J. J., DeLong, K. L., Martrat, B., Thomas, E. K., Conroy, J. L., Dee, S. G., Jonkers, L., Churakova (Sidorova), O. V., Kern, Z., Opel, T., Porter, T. J., ... Yoshimura, K. (2023). Globally coherent water cycle response to temperature change during the past two millennia. Nature Geoscience, 16(11), 997-1004.

Murray, N. K., Conroy, J. L., O’Brien, K., Grimm, E. C., & Donovan, J. J. (2023). Holocene relationships between climate, waterfowl, and lacustrine nutrient cycling at Kettle Lake, North Dakota, USA. Holocene, 33(9), 1132-1141.

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