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Joy Marie O'Keefe

Assistant Professor

Additional Campus Affiliations

Assistant Professor, Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
Assistant Professor, Prairie Research Institute

Recent Publications

Alston, J. M., Keinath, D. A., Willis, C. K. R., Lausen, C. L., O'Keefe, J. M., Tyburec, J. D., Broders, H. G., Moosman, P. R., Carter, T. C., Chambers, C. L., Gillam, E. H., Geluso, K., Weller, T. J., Burles, D. W., Fletcher, Q. E., Norquay, K. J. O., & Goheen, J. R. (2023). Environmental drivers of body size in North American bats. Functional Ecology, 37(4), 1020-1032.

Beilke, E. A., & O'Keefe, J. M. (2023). Bats reduce insect density and defoliation in temperate forests: An exclusion experiment. Ecology, 104(2), Article e3903.

Beilke, E. A., Haulton, G. S., & O'Keefe, J. M. (2023). Foliage-roosting eastern red bats select for features associated with management in a central hardwood forest. Forest Ecology and Management, 527, Article 120604.

Crawford, R. D., & O'keefe, J. M. (2023). Improving the science and practice of using artificial roosts for bats. Conservation Biology. Advance online publication.

Bakken, G. S., Tillman, F. E., & O'Keefe, J. M. (2022). Methods for assessing artificial thermal refuges: Spatiotemporal analysis more informative than averages. Journal of Thermal Biology, 105, Article 103150.

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