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Jonah Dominguez

PEEC Graduate Student -- Advisor: Jinelle Hutchins Sperry


Mixed-species flocks; community and behavioral ecology; sentinel species; foraging ecology; acoustic communication; ornithology

Research Description

My primary projects relate to foraging ecology and acoustic communication in birds, particularly in mixed species flocks (advisor: Jinelle Sperry)

Highlighted Publications

Dominguez Jonah S., Rakovic Marko, Li Donglai, Pollock Henry S., Lawson Shelby, Novcic Ivana, Su Xiangting, Zeng Qisha, Al-Dhufari Roqaya, Johnson-Cadle Shanelle, Boldrick Julia, Chamberlain Mac and Hauber Mark E. 2023 What's the rumpus? Resident temperate forest birds approach an unfamiliar neotropical alarm call across three continentsBiol. Lett.192023033220230332