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Matthew C Allender

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Contact Information

Vet Clinical Medicine, 2001 S. Lincoln Ave., Urbana, IL 61802

Clinical Associate Professor

Additional Campus Affiliations

Clinical Associate Professor, Veterinary Diagnostic Lab
Clinical Associate Professor, Veterinary Clinical Medicine
Clinical Associate Professor, Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
Affiliate, Illinois Natural History Survey

Recent Publications

Angles, R., Adkesson, M. J., Cárdenas-Alayza, S., Adamovicz, L., & Allender, M. C. (2023). DETECTION AND PREVALENCE OF SPHENISCID ALPHA-HERPESVIRUS-1 (SpAHV-1) IN A SAMPLE OF HUMBOLDT PENGUINS (SPHENISCUS HUMBOLDTI) AT PUNTA SAN JUAN, PERU. Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine, 54(1), 159-163.

Bradley, S. E., Adamovicz, L., Andersson, K., Mumm, L., Glowacki, G., & Allender, M. C. (2023). Evaluating Different Methods For Determining Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate In Free-Living Blanding's Turtles (Emydoidea Blandingii). Journal of wildlife diseases, 59(4), 743-747.

Foss, K. D., Keller, K. A., Reich, S. K., Franzen-Klein, D., Scott, D., Sosa-Higareda, M., Hague, D. W., Whittington, J., & Allender, M. C. (2023). An avian Modified Glasgow Coma Scale as a prognostic indicator in raptors with head trauma. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, 261(11), 1-8.

Haynes, E., Lorch, J., & Allender, M. C. (2023). Development and application of a qPCR-based genotyping assay for Ophidiomyces ophidiicola to investigate the epidemiology of ophidiomycosis. PloS one, 18(8), Article e0289159.

Hoyer, L. L., Hogan, E. K., Adamovicz, L., Allender, M. C., Terio, K. A., & Hernandez, A. G. (2023). Genome sequence of Emydomyces testavorans type strain 16-2883 (ATCC TSD-145), an onygenalean fungus associated with freshwater aquatic turtle shell lesions. Microbiology Resource Announcements, 12(9).

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