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Alfred L Roca

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Contact Information

1207 W. Gregory Dr.
Urbana, IL 61801


Additional Campus Affiliations

Professor, Animal Sciences
Professor, School of Information Sciences
Professor, Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology
Affiliate, Illinois Natural History Survey

Recent Publications

Au, W. C., Dures, S. G., Ishida, Y., Green, C. E., Zhao, K., Ogden, R., & Roca, A. L. (2024). Lion Localizer: a software tool for inferring the provenance of lions (Panthera leo) using mitochondrial DNA. Journal of Heredity, 115(2), 166-172. Article esad072.

de Flamingh, A., Gnoske, T. P., Rivera-Colón, A. G., Simeonovski, V. A., Kerbis Peterhans, J. C., Yamaguchi, N., Witt, K. E., Catchen, J., Roca, A. L., & Malhi, R. S. (2024). Genomic analysis supports Cape Lion population connectivity prior to colonial eradication and extinction. Journal of Heredity, 115(2), 155-165. Article esad081.

Benjamin, N. R., Crooijmans, R. P. M. A., Jordan, L. R., Bolt, C. R., Schook, L. B., Schachtschneider, K. M., Groenen, M. A. M., & Roca, A. L. (2023). Swine global genomic resources: insights into wild and domesticated populations. Mammalian Genome, 34(4), 520-530.

de Flamingh, A., Ishida, Y., Pečnerová, P., Vilchis, S., Siegismund, H. R., Van aarde, R. J., Malhi, R. S., & Roca, A. L. (2023). Combining methods for non-invasive fecal DNA enables whole genome and metagenomic analyses in wildlife biology. Frontiers in Genetics, 13, Article 1021004.

de Flamingh, A., Rivera-Colón, A. G., Gnoske, T. P., Kerbis Peterhans, J. C., Catchen, J., Malhi, R. S., & Roca, A. L. (2023). Numt Parser: automated identification and removal of nuclear mitochondrial pseudogenes (numts) for accurate mitochondrial genome reconstruction in Panthera. Journal of Heredity, 114(2), 120-130. Article esac065.

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