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Saurabh Sinha

Adjunct Professor

Additional Campus Affiliations

Adjunct Professor, Computer Science

Recent Publications

Louie, A. Y., Kim, J. S., Drnevich, J., Dibaeinia, P., Koito, H., Sinha, S., McKim, D. B., Soto-Diaz, K., Nowak, R. A., Das, A., & Steelman, A. J. (2023). Influenza A virus infection disrupts oligodendrocyte homeostasis and alters the myelin lipidome in the adult mouse. Journal of neuroinflammation, 20(1), Article 190.

Traniello, I. M., Bukhari, S. A., Dibaeinia, P., Serrano, G., Avalos, A., Ahmed, A. C., Sankey, A. L., Hernaez, M., Sinha, S., Zhao, S. D., Catchen, J., & Robinson, G. E. (2023). Single-cell dissection of aggression in honeybee colonies. Nature Ecology and Evolution, 7(8), 1232-1244.

Bhogale, S., & Sinha, S. (2022). Thermodynamics-based modeling reveals regulatory effects of indirect transcription factor-DNA binding. iScience, 25(5), Article 104152.

Ma, L., Vidana Gamage, H. E., Tiwari, S., Han, C., Henn, M. A., Krawczynska, N., Dibaeinia, P., Koelwyn, G. J., Das Gupta, A., Bautista Rivas, R. O., Wright, C. L., Xu, F., Moore, K. J., Sinha, S., & Nelson, E. R. (2022). The Liver X Receptor Is Selectively Modulated to Differentially Alter Female Mammary Metastasis-associated Myeloid Cells. Endocrinology (United States), 163(7), Article bqac072.

Seward, C. H., Saul, M. C., Troy, J. M., Dibaeinia, P., Zhang, H., Sinha, S., & Stubbs, L. J. (2022). An epigenomic shift in amygdala marks the transition to maternal behaviors in alloparenting virgin female mice. PloS one, 17(2 February), Article e0263632.

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