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Thomas Christian McElrath

Assistant Research Scientist, Entomology

Additional Campus Affiliations

Assistant Research Scientist, Entomology, Illinois Natural History Survey

Recent Publications

Clem, C. S., Hart, L. V., & Mcelrath, T. C. (2023). A century of Illinois hover flies (Diptera: Syrphidae): museum and citizen science data reveal recent range expansions, contractions, and species of potential conservation significance. Journal of Insect Science, 23(4), Article 13.

Bolmin, O., Mcelrath, T. C., Wissa, A., & Alleyne, M. (2022). Scaling of Jumping Performance in Click Beetles (Coleoptera: Elateridae). Integrative and comparative biology, 62(5), 1227-1234.

McElrath, T. C., & Yoshida, T. (2021). Proposed Nomenclatural Changes for Some Genera of Laemophloeidae and Monotomidae (Coleoptera: Cucujoidea). Coleopterists Bulletin, 75(3), 702-705.

Liu, Z., Tihelka, E., McElrath, T. C., Yamamoto, S., Ślipiński, A., Wang, B., Ren, D., & Pang, H. (2020). New minute clubbed beetles (Coleoptera, Monotomidae, Lenacini) from mid-Cretaceous amber of Northern Myanmar. Cretaceous Research, 107, Article 104255.

Wei, L., Reiter, K. E., McElrath, T. C., Dunn, A. C., & Alleyne, M. (2020). The role of cuticular diffraction gratings in beetle iridescence, wetting and friction interactions. In SICB - 2020 meeting - Abstracts (Vol. 60, pp. E249). (Integrative and Comparative Biology).

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