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Thomas J Benson

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Contact Information

1816 S. Oak St., Champaign, IL 61820

Principal Research Scientist, Wildlife Ecology

Additional Campus Affiliations

Principal Research Scientist, Wildlife Ecology, Illinois Natural History Survey
Coordinator, Critical Trends Assessment Program (CTAP), Illinois Natural History Survey
Research Associate Professor, Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences

Recent Publications

Bauder, J. M., Stodola, K. W., Benson, T. J., Miller, C. A., & Allen, M. L. (2023). Modeling eighteen years of community science data reveals extensive recolonization of bobcats in Illinois, USA. Landscape Ecology, 38(2), 597-611.

Di Giovanni, A. J., Miller, M. J., Jones, T. M., Benson, T. J., & Ward, M. P. (2023). El fracaso de la eclosión es mayor en especies de aves altriciales con nidos en cavidades y nidadas grandes. Ornithology, 140(1), Article ukac048.

Dunn, P. O., Ahmed, I., Armstrong, E., Barlow, N., Barnard, M. A., Bélisle, M., Benson, T. J., Berzins, L. L., Boynton, C. K., Brown, T. A., Cady, M., Cameron, K., Chen, X., Clark, R. G., Clotfelter, E. D., Cromwell, K., Dawson, R. D., Denton, E., Forbes, A., ... Whittingham, L. A. (2023). Extensive regional variation in the phenology of insects and their response to temperature across North America. Ecology, 104(5), Article e4036.

Emmet, R. L., Stodola, K. W., Benson, T. J., & Allen, M. L. (Accepted/In press). Effects of multiple aspects of anthropogenic landscape change on mesopredator relative abundance. Wildlife Research.

Emmet, R. L., Benson, T. J., Allen, M. L., & Stodola, K. W. (2023). Integrating multiple data sources improves prediction and inference for upland game bird occupancy models. Ornithological Applications, Article duad005. Advance online publication.

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