1. Collembola: The Collembola are not actually insects at all but belong to their own class which are related to the insects and other hexapod (6-legged) arthropods. The mistake in the Collembola panel is at the lower left where the artist depicts two proturans, members of yet another hexapod class (Protura).
  2. Orthoptera: The classification of this order used to include all sorts of things. The order Orthoptera is now restricted to grasshoppers, crickets, and katydids. The Orthoptera panel includes a stick insect (upper left) and a leaf insect which are now placed in their own order, the Phasmatodea.
  3. Isoptera: The bottom image is a devlopmental series of an ant which is in the order Hymenoptera. It is in this panel, one supposes, to contrast the complete metamorphosis of an ant with the incomplete metamorphosis of a termite (just above the ant series).
  4. Neuroptera: The artist depicts two members of a related order, the Megaloptera, in this panel. One is an insect in the lower left with huge mandibles called a dobsonfly. The other is a less spectacular insect in the upper left, 2nd image down (under the head) called an alderfly.