School of
Integrative Biology

Prospective Undergraduate
IB Students

From genomics to global change, integrative biology seeks to discover the complex interrelationships between living organisms and the physical and biological environment in which they live.

This is the new biology, with an emphasis on bringing multiple disciplines to bear on complex scientific questions. For students, this emphasis leads to a deep understanding of biology and its interrelationships.

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See what students have to say about IB!

Sophia Arostegui

In high school, I always enjoyed thenatural sciences with a particular interest in biology. By the time I took my first biology course at UIUC, IB150, it was from that point that I knew in my heart IB was the degree I wanted to pursue.

Joseph Kadich

I chose IB because I liked how it covers so many diverse subjects from genetics to the environment. I felt it would really help me become well-rounded and fluent in all areas of biology.

Celeste Guzman

What interested me the most was that IB had a wider range in subjects and classes that allowed me to become a better well-rounded scientist. Also, in my Pre-Med route, I was able to choose classes that not only satisfied the requirements, but that also interested me.

Jackie Capron

I switched to IB during my sophomore year because it would prepare me for the rigor of Dental School while allowing me to explore other areas of science that interest me. I feel that my well-rounded science background will be an asset in Dentistry.