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Eric R Larson

Associate Professor

Additional Campus Affiliations

Associate Professor, Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
Institute Affiliate, Illinois Natural History Survey

Recent Publications

Dai, Q., Cao, Y., Chu, M. L., Larson, E. R., & Suski, C. D. (2023). Agricultural conservation may not help Midwestern US freshwater biodiversity in a changing climate. Science of the Total Environment, 872, Article 162143.

Hartman, J. H., Tiemann, J. S., Sherwood, J. L., Willink, P. W., Ash, K. T., Davis, M. A., & Larson, E. R. (2023). Eastern banded killifish (Fundulus diaphanus diaphanus) in Lake Michigan and connected watersheds: The invasion of a non-native subspecies. Journal of Great Lakes Research, 49(4), 876-887.

Hartman, J. H., & Larson, E. R. (2023). Overlooked invaders? Ecological impacts of non‐game, native transplant fishes in the United States. Fisheries, 48(2), 62-71.

Morton, J. L., Bayless, R., Connerley, E., Ekins, J. P., Elvidge, J. A., Hartman, J. H., Holzer, K. K., Reynolds, R. J., & Larson, E. R. (2023). Classroom citizen scientists discover red swamp crayfish Procambarus clarkii (Girard, 1852) from northern Idaho, United States. BioInvasions Records, 12(2), 435-443.

Newkirk, B. M., Larson, E. R., Walker, A. D., & Walters, A. W. (2023). Winners and losers over a ½ century of change in crayfish assemblages of Wyoming, USA. Freshwater Science, 42(2), 146-160.

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