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Sam William Heads

Associate Research Scientist, Paleontology

Additional Campus Affiliations

Associate Research Scientist, Paleontology, Illinois Natural History Survey
Affiliate, Lemann Center for Brazilian Studies

Recent Publications

Skejo, J., Kasalo, N., Thomas, M. J., & Heads, S. W. (2024). A new long-winged pygmy grasshopper in Eocene Baltic amber raises questions about the evolution of reduced tegmenula in Tetrigidae (Orthoptera). Journal of Orthoptera Research, 33(1), 21-26.

Heads, S. W., Thomas, M. J., Hedlund, T. J., & Wang, Y. (2023). A new fossil katydid of the genus Arethaea Stål (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae) with exceptionally preserved internal organs from the Eocene Green River Formation of Colorado. Palaeoentomology, 6(3).

Heads, S., Kolata, D., & Guensburg, T. E. (2023). On the type material of the Upper Ordovician mitrate “carpoid” Diamphidiocystis drepanon Kolata & Guensburg (Echinodermata: Stylophora). Kentiana, (3), 1-2.

Hedlund, T. J., Thomas, M. J., & Heads, S. W. (2023). THE FIRST RECORD OF PHAULOTETTIX ABLUSUS FROM THE UNITED STATES (ORTHOPTERA: ACRIDIDAE: MELANOPLINAE). Entomological News, 130(5), 463-465.

Heads, S., & Taylor, S. (2022). First record of a fossil coral (Anthozoa) from Pleistocene deposits at Terra Ceia, North Carolina. Kentiana, (2), 1-4.

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