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Jacob Tamarri

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Contact Information

Forbes Natural History Building, 1816 S Oak St, Champaign, IL 61820
Center for Paleontology, Room 1027C
Entomology Graduate Student -- Advisor: Sam Heads


I was born in Champaign and have lived here for almost my entire life. I have 3 cats, love anything fossil related, and am always wanting to swap favorite restaurants and recipes.

Research Interests



Research Description

I am currently performing a taxonomic treatment of Formicidae and Ichneumonidae in light of the new fossils found in SW Montana's Renova Formation. This includes imaging each fossil, drawing them, and describing them. My hope is to expand my research to other groups and other deposits for my PhD.


BSLAS (2022) - University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign


Ross Award - 2022

Recent Publications

Heads, S.W., Thuy, B., Tamarri, J. 2022. Two new species of Archelcana Sharov (Orthoptera: Elcanidae) from the Lower Jurassic of Luxembourg. Kentiana 1: 1-13.