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Xuguo (Joe) Zhou

Professor; Kearns, Metcalf and Flint Endowed Chair

Additional Campus Affiliations

C. W. Kearns, C. L. Metcalf, and W. P. Flint Endowed Chair, Entomology
Professor, Entomology

Recent Publications

Chen, G., Li, Q., Zhang, C., Zhao, W., Jurat-Fuentes, J. L., Zhou, X., Chen, F., Yang, X., & Han, L. (2024). Synergism of Cry1Ca toxicity by gut resident Enterococcus spp. in the rice stem borer, Chilo suppressalis. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 257, Article 128654.

Gong, C., Guo, Z., Hu, Y., Yang, Z., Xia, J., Yang, X., Xie, W., Wang, S., Wu, Q., Ye, W., Zhou, X., Turlings, T. C. J., & Zhang, Y. (2024). A Horizontally Transferred Plant Fatty Acid Desaturase Gene Steers Whitefly Reproduction. Advanced Science, 11(10), Article 2306653.

Guo, Z., Bai, Y., Zhang, X., Guo, L., Zhu, L., Sun, D., Sun, K., Xu, X., Yang, X., Xie, W., Wang, S., Wu, Q., Crickmore, N., Zhou, X., & Zhang, Y. (2024). RNA m6A Methylation Suppresses Insect Juvenile Hormone Degradation to Minimize Fitness Costs in Response to A Pathogenic Attack. Advanced Science, 11(6), Article 2307650.

Hassan, A., Li, Z., Zhou, X., Mo, J., & Huang, Q. (2024). Termite management by entomopathogenic fungi: Recent advances and future prospects. Current Research in Biotechnology, 7, Article 100183.

Shi, X. B., Zhang, Z., Li, F., Preisser, E. L., Huang, L. P., Zhang, D. Y., Zhang, Z. H., Zhang, S. B., Zhou, X. G., Zhang, A. S., Liu, H., Wu, Y. H., Cheng, X. F., He, Z. F., & Liu, Y. (2024). Vector-mediated viral exchange between crops and weedy plants. Journal of Pest Science, 97(1), 155-171.

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