LAS Awards for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching for Graduate Teaching Assistants

Cody Jones is a graduate teaching assistant in the Department of Evolution, Ecology, & Behavior. He has taught every semester since 2017 and he is known to be flexible and creative. One student wrote: “Cody has been my best TA yet… I wish I started asking questions earlier in the semester because I have done better ever since I started.” His nominator recounting how a student suffered a death in the family and needed to catch up on an entire unit's worth of material. The student turned to Jones for help. In a couple of one-on-one sessions, the student not only caught up, but did well on the exam, illustrating Jones’ ability to convey complex concepts in an easy to understand way and his willingness to go beyond the call of duty—as well as earn the trust of his students, who will turn to him first for help.