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Plant Biology

Study Abroad at the Department of Plant Biology
at the University of Illinois!

An exciting and immersive opportunity for study and research

This 2-semester program of study on the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Illinois) campus integrates third- and fourth-year students into one semester of full-time coursework, followed by a second semester of full-time research in the Illinois Plant Biology Department. This unique study abroad opportunity was envisioned to be an extension of the research-based collaboration, FAFU and Illinois-SIB Joint Center for Genomics and Biotechnology.

Students take advanced-level courses from the School of Integrative Biology at Illinois, experiencing the instructional methods of U.S. higher-education institutions in the interdisciplinary sciences. Intensive training in bench- and field-based research is integrated into fundamental “professional science” skills that include experimental design, data analysis, and oral and written communications. This research-focused study program rapidly enhances key knowledge and skills for students with aspirations for active science careers.

For students interested in pursuing a graduate degree at Illinois or other U.S. universities, training in the Illinois Plant Biology research programs offers the opportunity to assess and document their interest and competitiveness for graduate degree programs. Moreover, Illinois' rich international programming offers ample venues to add depth to their global perspectives and awareness of opportunities in the future.

Special Program Features

  • Closely-mentored research by faculty in Plant Biology labs of scientific and technical interest to the student
  • "Foundations in Scientific Research Skills" (IB 299): A dynamic discussion & activity course offered to FAFU students by post-doctoral researchers and PhD candidates
  • Enrichment venues for language skills development and career explorations
  • Partnering of study abroad students with US students from the Integrative Biology and Integrative Biology Honors programs

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