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Brenda Molano-Flores

2012 Natural Resource Building
Lab: (217)265-8167

Mail: INHS, 1816 S. Oak St., Champaign, IL. 61801
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Brenda Molano-Flores
Senior Plant Ecologist - Illinois Natural History Survey
Affiliate - Entomology; Plant Biology


Ph.D., 1997, University of Iowa,
M.S., 1991, Univ. of Puerto Rico

plant-insect interactions, reproductive biology of plants, population biology, conservation biology; restoration

My research addresses a number of topics in plant reproductive ecology and conservation biology. Currently my emphasis is in four areas: plant interactions, rare plant conservation, reproductive ecology and seed ecology.

Representative Publications

Matthews, J.W., B. Molano-Flores, J. Ellis, P. Marcum, W. Handel, J. Zylka, and L.R. Phillippe. 2017. Impacts of management and antecedent site disturbance on restoration outcomes in a sand prairie. Restoration Ecology 25:972-981.

Zaya, D.N., B. Molano-Flores, M.A. Feist, J. Koontz, and J. Coons. 2017. Population genetics assessment of the USA endemic carnivorous plant Pinguicula ionantha R.K. Godfrey (Lentibulariaceae). Conservation Genetics 18:171-180.

Zylka, J.J.*, C.J. Whelan, and B. Molano-Flores. 2016. Restoration implications of land management on aboveground vegetation and seed bank of grassland communities. American Midland Naturalist 176:36-59.

Chi, K.* and B. Molano-Flores. 2016. Reproductive morphology of a rare endemic Midwestern species in association with habitat degradation. The Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society 143:169-179.

Chi, K.* and B. Molano-Flores. 2015. Habitat degradation disrupts plant-pollinator interactions for a rare, self-compatible prairie species. Plant Ecology 216:1275-1283.

Molano-Flores, B., L.R. Phillippe, P.B. Marcum, C. Carroll-Cunningham, J.L. Ellis, D.T. Busemeyer, and J.E. Ebinger. 2015. A floristic inventory and vegetation survey of three dolomite prairies in northeastern, Illinois. Castanea 80:153-170.

Leja, M.¥, K. Chi*, and B. Molano-Flores. 2015. Presence and intensity of pre-dispersal seed predation in a rare plant in response to habitat quality and population metrics. Natural Areas Journal 35:542-549.

Molano-Flores, B. and A.E. Faivre. 2015. Sexual differences in Lobelia spicata populations: floral morphometrics, stigma pollen loads, and pollen tube growth. Plant Species Biology 30:202-211.

Kurylo, J.,S. Raghu, and B. Molano-Flores. 2015. Flood tolerance in common buckthorn (Rhamnus cathartica). Natural Areas Journal 35:502-507.

Ruffatto, D.M.*, D.N. Zaya, and B. Molano-Flores. 2015. Reproductive success of the gynodioecious Lobelia spicata Lam. (Campanulaceae): female frequency, population demographics, and latitudinal patterns. The International Journal of Plant Sciences 176:120-130.

Pearion, M*. and B. Molano-Flores. 2015. The reproductive ecology of Mononeuria patula (Michx.) Dillenb. and Kadereit (Caryophyllaceae). The Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society 142:38-50.

Chi, K.* and B. Molano-Flores. 2014. Can floral display size compensate for Allee effects caused by low population abundance and density in Synthyris bullii (Plantaginaceae), a rare species? American Journal of Botany 101:428-436.

Molano-Flores, B. 2014. An invasive plant species decreases native plant reproductive success. Natural Areas Journal 34:465-469.

Curtis, M.*, K. Chi*, and B. Molano-Flores. 2013. Seed ecology of Synthris bullii (Plantaginaceae), a rare endemic of the Midwestern USA. Botany 91:884-889.

Chu, S.* and B. Molano-Flores. 2013. Impacts of landscape-use change on floristic quality assessment in northeastern Illinois wetlands. Urban Ecosystems 16:235-246.