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Integrative Biology

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Computational Science and Engineering Certificate

The Computational Science and Engineering certificate program is designed to provide undergraduate students an opportunity to develop a solid base in problem solving using computation as a major tool for modeling complicated problems in science and engineering. Students wishing to pursue the CSE certificate program are required to register. Students currently enrolled in one of the participating departments can register for the CSE undergraduate Certification Option by completing the CSE Registration Form (must log in with university credentials).

This CSE Certificate option is available to students currently enrolled in the Integrative Biology (IB) undergraduate degree program at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Some of the certificate requirements also count toward the IB degree requirements. To receive a certificate in ‘Computational Science and Engineering’, students must complete coursework in all 4 categories below, totaling at least 12 hours1.

Hours Topics Course Requirements
3 - 4 CS 101 or CS 125 Programming core
3 - 4 STAT 212, STAT 400 or CPSC 440 Biostatistics core
3 IB 364 or CS 466 Bioinformatics core
3 - 4 IB 491, IB 494, IB 4902 or any 400-level CSE course listed in: Core/Application Coursework or research credit
12 Total Hours1

1 Please note, all prerequisite courses must be taken if specified.
2 IB 490 (Independent Study) may be used to fulfill the required application course:

  • The main requirement is that the course applies the computational skills gained to solve real problems. Experimental research is also encouraged but the research must comprise sufficient computational work.
  • In order for IB 490 to fulfill the certification requirement, the proposed research must be approved by the CSE steering committee representative of the IB department or by one of the CSE affiliated IB faculty listed on the Computational Science and Engineering website.