PEEC is an interdisciplinary, campus-wide program designed to provide individualized training for graduate students. This program prepares individuals for research and teaching careers in ecology and evolutionary biology and produces scientists who are both technically competent and broadly educated in ecology and evolutionary biology.

A Ph.D. PEEC student declares three areas of emphasis:

  • A general area of ecology or evolution
  • A complementary general area (e.g., behavior, systematics, physiology, genetics)
  • A specific area related to the dissertation

Because of the breadth of fields covered by this program, there are no fixed courses required of all students. The goal is to allow maximum flexibility while providing close supervision.

The number of courses and the particular courses taken depend on the individual's previous training and knowledge. Courses and laboratory and field experiences are supplemented by seminars on current topics in ecology and evolutionary biology.

Cooperating Departments & Programs

The Program in Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology serves as a focal point for interaction between basic and applied ecologists on campus that are housed in several colleges, departments, and governmental agencies listed below. The program is housed in the School of Integrative Biology in College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences

College of Engineering

College of Fine and Applied Arts

College of Veterinary Medicine