Appointment Considerations & Preparation

The IB Academic Advisors strive to provide undergraduate students with timely and informative advice regarding appropriate course selection, academic strategies, career planning, and professional/graduate school planning. We also endeavor to help guide students’ decision-making processes and foster in our students a sense of ownership of their undergraduate educations.

Planning your courses for the next semester?

Please take the following tips into consideration:

Check Time Ticket Run Degree Audit Course Explorer Research

  • Look up your time ticket as soon as they are released (Typically around Oct 15th for Spring & March 15th for Fall). The time ticket indicates the first time a student can register for the term
  • Make an advising appointment early so that you can get in to see an advisor before your time ticket opens for registration and you are prepared to register as soon as you can. 
  • Run your DARs (Degree Audit Report) to check what requirements you have left.
  • Start looking at your course options on course explorer to fulfill last remaining requirements.
  • Plan on getting involved in research (IB 390 & IB 490)? Please refer to the research page for additional information.
  • If there are no available appointments in the next two weeks please put yourself on the appointment waitlist

Course Planning Resources

Contact Information


Registration Errors & Course Restrictions

Please refer to the document linked below to understand common restrictions and errors found during registration. Each department is responsible for their own course restrictions, IB cannot help you with restrictions in MCB, CHEM, PHYS, etc. If you are encountering errors or restrictions please do the following steps first:

  • First refer to the "Section Info" on Course Explorer for the section you are trying to add. If there are restrictions they are usually outlined there.
  • Make sure to read all of the instructions outlined in the description of the course in Course Explorer as many errors can be resolved by referring to the description and the instructions outlined there. 
  • If you are getting errors and you have already done the steps outlined above and you believe you should still be able to register for the course please contact advising for the department that the course is housed. 
    • ex. IB 270 Restriction: Contact IB Advising, MCB 150 Restriction: Contact MCB Advising

Restrictions & Errors 

Student Forms: CR/NC, Add/Drop, IB Waitlist, etc.

Please check out the IB Student Forms webpage for all IB & LAS related forms including but not limited too: 
  • IB Waitlist
  • Declare IB
  • Declare Minor
  • Change Major
  • Credit/No Credit
  • Late Add/Drop
  • Credit Hours Change

IB Student Forms